A small sample of the kind words from families we have supported


"Our twin girls were waking a lot through the night - at it's worst it was up to 20 times....

They would wake for various reasons - including wanting to come into our bed. We did not have a happy house, so we decided to get help!

After speaking to Claire we got our written sleep plan  -which was very easy to understand and the support was just the right amount. We started to see changes 3-4 days after starting our plan.

My girls now sleep through most nights -  I'm amazed and I love the fact that all my children are now in bed asleep for 7pm.

Claire has made our house a happy one again - she has such amazing knowledge and I will actually miss talking to her.

If  anyone has children who require help to sleep, Claire is highly recommended I used to dread bath and bedtime - now I actually look forward our special family time together"

 Mum to three year old twin girls, and a four year old son


Seeking Help from claire at child sleep support is the best thing we could have done...

It has improved all our lives, not just in terms of sleep, but also general behaviour.

The support through was amazing, and it was so nice to speak to someone who understood, and never judged.

It was well worth the money, and I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about it.

Mummy of a two year old boy

I think many people see using a professional for things like this, as them failing as a parent....

We are all conditioned to believe that parenting comes naturally, and that we should just be able to do it-  I don't think that anymore. At the very least having someone who is outside the situation and not emotionally involved and sleep deprived helps gives perspective over what seem like a very desperate situation. But more importantly having someone trained in methods that are proven to work is invaluable!  Why not use a professional to deal with an issue you have? I would recommend Claire to anyone I know.

Mummy of a two year old daughter

"I had literally got to the point of desperation....

When I sought advice from this lovely lady to help me change my child's sleeping habits.

Within one week, we've gone from 3 1/2 hours of crying protests before she would settle in her own bed to her now going happily and calmly into her room and falling asleep within half an hour!

All protesting has stopped and bedtime is now the peaceful, precious time I've longed for it to be! I'm amazed at how quickly I've seen results and the subsequent benefits a good night's sleep brings to my child. Thank you so much for your continued support"

Mum to a five year old daughter

"Claire has supported us Through some very difficult times......

Remaining calm, caring and focused throughout, yet flexible and understanding when life interfered with the plan. 

We are now getting a full nights sleep, and have a calm and relaxed bedtime.

Thank you!

Mummy to a two year old daughter


"I would highly recommend Child Sleep Support.....

We felt at ease from the start speaking with Claire. We saw a big change in our daughter's sleeping habits within the first week of the sleep plan, and they now sleep really well.

Daddy of three children under five years

"Our 5 year old, regardless of how tired she was, couldn't given in and fall asleep" 

Her sleep time was creeping closer to 9pm. Her tiredness was affecting her behaviour and we didn't want it affecting school. Doctors had always just told is she was bright and would grow out of it once she matured. Claire at Child Sleep Support was very professional and clearly knew her stuff. Also as a parent herself - she felt our pain! She was sympathetic and supportive the whole way along. I worried how manageable it would be for me, with a baby to get to bed and a hubby working away, but Claire listened to our concerns and our routine was flexible for all concerned. Having Claire at the end of the phone for support when I was doing bedtime on my own, was really helpful. if anyone is considering Child Sleep Support - Do it! Claire will get you the results you want in a way that works for your family .I will recommend her to anyone!  

Mummy of a five year old and a 7 month old

Hi My name is Sam & my boy is Dylan. You helped us in August 2015.

Thought I would give you a quick message....Life is great & the tips & info you gave us still are used to this day! Your help gave me my life back & I can't thank you enough!

Sam, Glyn & Dylan (permission given to use names)

Our little boy was waking up every day between 4:30 am and 5:00 am.  

This was having a negative impact as he was constantly tired. As as a consequence, his behaviour suffered and we as parents were exhausted and less patient.  We were finding life very difficult. 

We didn’t realise help was available.  We had tried all the usual things as suggested on many parenting websites etc.  A friend recommended Claire to us. The written sleep programme was great.  Very easy to understand and just enough detail. The phone and email support were fantastic.  Claire was always there offering advice and support and keeping us positive.

Our little boy is now sleeping until at least 6 am.  I cannot explain what a difference this has made to us as a family. His behaviour has improved as he is now getting the sleep he needs.  We now feel human again and not like zombies!!!!

We thought we had tried everything already but speaking to people who are experts in the field is an eye opener.  As already stated above, the support offered throughout is fantastic.  Our family life has improved dramatically.  Sleep deprivation in the worst thing. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any family use this service, if they are in the same position as we were.

Please note: We protect our client's confidentiality. All permissions have been given to share the above testimonials however we do not usually publish names without express permission to do so. That being said we understand how helpful it can be to speak' parent-to-parent'  with someone we have supported. If you would like to speak to one of our previous clients please contact us to arrange.