Sleep Facts

Whilst we might be prepared for broken nights with young babies, there is little support for parents and carers whose children are still not sleeping as they get older. The results can be incredibly hard for the entire family, not only the child concerned, and yet it’s more common than you think .

Over 40% of children will suffer some form of sleep issue in their lifetime (and over 80% for special needs children).

Lack of sleep can impact on learning, growth, general well-being and behaviour for children, and negatively affect work, relationships and family life for the adults.


Children with Additional Needs: This book provides lots of personal experience and easy to follow tips. 

Sleep and Your Special Needs Child (The Journey Through Assessment) 

Newborns: Becoming parents of new baby is a huge shock. Nothing prepares you for the lack of sleep. This link is an amazing resource that medical professionals refer to. It  enables us to understand patterns and maturity expectations of sleep in young babies.