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Welcome to Child Sleep Support: Sleep CLinic and private Sleep Consultants

We provide gentle, yet effective solutions to help parents understand and overcome child sleep challenges . Our approaches are child centered and individually tailored to you and your parenting styles. We do not use controlled crying or 'cry it out' methods.

Your child's health and well-being are paramount to us which is why our Child Sleep Support consultants have a wide range of specialist experience in supporting families, in addition to holding accredited training from The Children's Sleep Charity alongside NHS professionals.  Underpinning our gold-standard of training and experience we are proud members of the British Sleep Society and the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. We support families of all children across the UK and internationally. Read our success stories here

A sleep problem may be a fairly new occurrence or have been suffered for years. You may be a brand new parent who is keen to understand more about sleep in the early days. Whatever your circumstances please do get in touch without any obligation to discuss how we can help you.