Some frequently asked questions.

Q.I have tried everything - why will your method work?

A - We appreciate you have probably looked into every possible method and read every single piece of information and now feel completely at a loss! However, we are trained professionals who not only support your child - but we support you as as well. Feedback from our clients tells us that having someone who understands and empathises with the situation, means as much as the practical steps provided. We take the steps with you and our results tell us it works.

Q. Do your work with children who have additional needs?

A - Yes we do.

Q. How long will it take?

A - This all depends on what the issue is you are facing. Our sleep packages are designed to provide you with results, as well as reassurance and confidence around sleep time for both your child and your whole family. We recommend you contact us to discuss your problem (without any obligation to use our services) and we will advise you on the correct package to suit you.

Q. Will I have to do controlled crying?

A - Not at all. We do not support controlled crying or cry it out methods, however we appreciate some families may have tried these methods in the past - its really not a problem, we understand things get desperate. But it is not something we ask our families to do when working with us.

Q. Do you do home visits?

A - Yes with pleasure, however our previous clients tell us that our qualified and experienced support methods via phone, skype and email have worked incredibly well as it allowed them to schedule the consultations and support calls at a time when they are able to talk (such as evening). Having that flexibility means that the phone calls stay focused and calming, in the comfort of your own environment at a time that suits you. However a home visit is possible - please note it may be subject to your nearest consultant's travel costs. Please contact us

Q. Can you help me overnight?

A -Yes we can. Although our methods are tried and proven not only to work, but to give you, as parents and carers, your confidence back around sleep time. You are supported by phone, skype, and email throughout, and we believe no one knows their children better than their parents. However overnight support is possible - please note it may subject to your nearest consultant's travel costs. Please contact us

Q. What areas do you cover?

A - We  support families nationally and internationally.

Q. Who have you trained with?

A - Alongside NHS professionals we are trained by The Children's Sleep Charity in partnership with Sheffield Children's Hospital. The charity are commissioned by local authorities and health organisations across the country. Our training is accredited by The CPD certification Service. We are also additionally qualified in Sleep Training by the Open College Network. In addition to our training in sleep our experts also have backgrounds in working with families including family peer support and specialists in additional needs.

Q. Are you members of any professional associations?

A. We are proud members of the The Children's Sleep Charity, the British Sleep Society and the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.