sleep coaching

Why we dislike the term Sleep Training

We find the term sleep training too tough...

 Sleep training sounds like you and your child are heading to sleep boot camp.  "lay down in that bed and give me 12 hours."

 It is NOT how we work, because that is not how children and their families work.

 We prefer the terms sleep support (hence our name) sleep therapy, sleep coaching ,or maybe even sleep mentoring - but who would put that into google?

Quite honestly we keep the term " sleep training" in our content purely  because that is how most people "search" online - and we want to be found.

 Sleep training is not for us, because that's us "telling"  people something. We are passionate about working "with" families,  and "sharing" our knowledge and skills to empower parents and restore confidence and balance to sleep time for children and their families, without children being left  to cry alone.

sleep training

 However you say it, and whenever you do it - remember that supporting your child with sleep should always fit your parenting style. 

 Take care.