How to help your child cope with the clocks changing

Some children cope very easily with time changes, and adapt after just a few days.

However, if you would prefer to avoid any hint of bedtime battles, there is an easy step-by-step approach to move your child's bedtime later, in preparation for when the clocks change on 25th Oct 2015.

coping with the clocks changing



The key is planning ahead, and taking things slowly.

Starting from today, delay your child's bedtime by five minutes only.

Stick with this time for one or two nights before moving another five minutes, so they are now going to bed ten minutes later than usual. Continue to move your child's sleep time by five minutes each night (or two).

Remember you know your child bestso if five minutes each night is achievable then great, but feel free to wait two, or even three nights before adding on another fiveminutes  to meet the needs of your child, 

If your child still naps in the daytime, move the nap the same way at the same time, so everything is shuffling very slightly, and very gently, later and later.

After a week or two of moving five minutes at the rate you chose, your child will soon be going to sleep one hour later than their usual bedtime. The clock will then "fall back" on the 25th of October -  and your child will be back to their normal bedtime.

Good luck, and sleep well