Looking for a later summer bedtime...

Summer is here and school's are officially closed...no more alarms, no more rushing to get into school before the gates/door close, or cajoling (begging) little people to wear sun cream and a hat. At last we can have a little bit more flexibility!

how to help children sleep later


Of course if you are a working parent, you will still have some timelines to work to, but perhaps you would like to have a little more family time in the evening, and a slightly later wake up without school to rush to?

If so, then there is an easy way to add half an hour to your child's routine - IF they are sleeping well already.  If your child is early waking OR you are looking for help with a sleep issue, then you should have a read here  first, there may be other aspects that need looking at first.

**warning** For children with sleep issues, later bedtimes do NOT always stop early waking - in fact in some cases it can actually make it worse!

OK, lets assume your child is sleeping through and you just want that extra time... and that by having your child wake up half an hour later you will not be delayed for work-  then simply add 10 minutes to your child's usual bedtime every  two or three days. Go slowly and let them adapt and within the week you have your extra half an hour for summer :-)

The week before school starts in September, do the same in reverse to get back to "school" bedtime....but let's not think about that for now! :-)

Take care, and sleep well