Read how we helped one family get the sleep they deserve

One of our previous clients share's their own experiences and reason's on why they chose to work with Child Sleep Support. 

What challenges were you facing before receiving support? 

We were getting night waking. Our little boy 'J'  (aged 3 years) was getting into bed with us frequently. We were OK with this at first and happy for him to sleep with us if he wanted, however he would keep us awake as he moves quite a lot in his sleep and with a new baby imminent it became apparent we could not continue in this way. 

The bigger challenge however was early waking. J would wake up around 5am and get up for the day even though he was obviously still tired. Most days J would refuse to go back to sleep and then he would be cranky, clingy and teary all day. On occasion we could get him to sleep for another 1-2 hours and these days he was a notably different child.

Our own wellbeing was also suffering as we would often be awake in the night with J getting into bed with us and then being awake for the day from around 5am. It was particularly upsetting when I found myself being impatient with J and sometimes shouting at him because we were both tired and upset. The thought of being up through the night nursing a newborn and then spending all day with a grumpy, clingy toddler was causing further stress

Had you ever considered getting professional help before?

No. We were never bought into “sleep training” as we thought that meant controlled crying or cry it out and that didn’t fit in with our parenting style. We believed that staying with him whilst he fell asleep and allowing him to get into bed with us made him feel safe and secure and, whilst that was true, it was also having negative effects on all of us

How did you find the written sleep programme.

Very easy to understand and the right amount of detail

How did you find the phone & email support?

Great. Claire was there whenever we needed her

How quickly did first start to see results

Within a couple of days, much quicker than expected

What is the situation now

Things are great now. We can say goodnight to J and leave him to fall asleep on his own. He does this quickly – usually within minutes! which is much quicker than when we used to sit in his room with him which was more like 30 minutes on a good day

J now is able to stay in his own room all night and doesn’t come into our bed any more. However if something is wrong (he is cold, in pain, thirsty) he knows he can wake us by coming in or shouting for one of us.

The early waking is gone. J generally wakes up 6:30-7 now. He is a much happier child as a result

What really helped you?

Having some structure. I think we knew what we needed to do deep down but needed someone to reassure us that it was the right thing to do and help us do it in the right way

Tell us what you thought about your sleep practitioner

Claire is great, and took a lot of time to really understand our routines, needs and where we wanted to be. The key “selling point” for us getting the help from Child Sleep Support was that Claire didn’t tell us what the issues were with our routine – something that puts me off the celebrity sleep training experts like Gina Ford or Jo Frost – but she acknowledged that things were only problems if we thought they were and that anything we were happy with should remain the same.

Is there anything that we could improve on

Nothing that springs to mind!

What would you say to a family who are considering using our services

You should definitely speak to someone at Child Sleep Support to see if they can offer you the help you need. We now have a quick and easy bedtime and a full night’s sleep every night and as a result we are all happier and enjoy our days together much more than we did before. We can’t thank Claire enough for the help and support she has given us

If your child has sleep issues, please feel free to contact us without any obligation, to see how we can help you.