Helping children with cope with jet lag and time zone changes

If you are going on a long-haul holiday this year, or to a destination with a time difference, you may be wondering how your child will adjust their sleep times. Here are a couple of options  to help them adapt to the destination time-zone, and then back again when you return home.

Helping children with jetlag

Moving your child's sleep time before you go.

  • Work out your destination time difference by 5 minutes (eg. One hour would be 12 x 5 minutes)
  • Once you can see how many days you need to get to your desired time, start moving everything 5 minutes earlier or later (as required) This includes naps, meals -everything.
  • Do not move things anymore than 5 minutes per day, as it may be too much of a jump and cause issues. 
  • Eventually you will be at your desired time (Yippee)

Changing time zone's when you arrive at your destination.

Upon arrival try to adapt to local times as much as possible. This may mean you need to juggle nap times to try and fit in.  Be prepared (and realistic) expect 3 to 4 "bumpy" nights, but things will soon settle down.

When you get home

  • Settle your child back into their "usual routine" immediately upon arrival home.  
  • Aim for naps and sleeps in your child's own bed or cot where possible.
  • After 3 to 4 days things should be looking more settled.


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