Is your child getting enough sleep?

If you are concerned about your child's sleep, one of your questions may be "How much sleep is the right amount?"

With this in mind, we thought it might be helpful to show the average amount hours of sleep a child should roughly be aiming for, based on their age. 

Remember this is a guideline, and all children's needs and circumstances will differ. We tailor our work specifically to each child we support, and we appreciate and respect that parents know their children best.

You may also consider the below points, when assessing your child's sleep.

Average hours sleep a child needs


  • Does your child wake grumpy and/or upset?
  • Are they waking through the night?
  • Are they waking too early?
  • Does your child need a nap quite soon after waking up, or perhaps outside of the usual nap range?
  • Do they seem to "not need" sleep?
  • Can you see a difference in behaviour/energy levels when they have had a  longer night's sleep?

We can help your child get the amount of sleep they need, by providing one to one support

Average Number of Hours Sleep Needed 

Age                                 Night–time                                  Daytime Nap

12 months                            11 ½                                               2 ½

2 Years                                  11 ¾                                               1 ¼

3 Years                                  11                                                   1

4 Years                                  11 ½                                               The nap has usually gone at 4

5 Years                                  11                                                  -

6 Years                                  10 ¾                                              -

7 years                                  10 ½   

8 years                                  10 ¼   

9 years                                  10   

10 years                               9 ¾   

11 years                               9 ½   

12 years                               9 ½   

13 years                               9 ¼   

14 years                               9   

15 years                               8 ¾ 

16 years                              8 ½ 

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